‘When Movie Stars Wear Your Jewelry’ – An Interview With Simran Chhabra, A Delhi Based Jewelry Designer Who Is Acing The Market.

Simran Chhabra is a well renowned jewelry designer who was awarded with the title of the Best Creative Designer in 2013. Her Brand, her namesake, Simran Chhabra is a new age premium designer jewelry and accessory brand that caters to the taste of premium designer jewelry poachers.


With clients like Alia Bhat, Soha Ali Khan, Farah Ali Khan, Nandini Bhalla and many more stars to back its portfolio, Simran Chhabra has set an artistic goal for other jewelry designers in this age.


Simran Chhabra at her office in Hauz Khas

She was kind enough to spare some of her time to answer some of our questions. Her designs are not only elegant, beautiful but amazing as well. Here are some questions we asked her:

¤ Tell us something about yourself,  your journey and work?

“Hi. I could best describe myself as a believer of God and nature.I have always fed on the idea of philanthropy and that makes me a better person every single day.

I love to cook , travel and dance.I have also won many awards in dancing. I love spending time with my close friends and family.

Design  just happened to me out of nowhere. I won laurels in my graduation days and decided to take designing as a career. I pursued a course in Design which made me believe that this is meant for me.As far as work is concerned , I am a staunch believer of the fact that nothing in life comes without hard work.”






¤ You were awarded with the title of Best Creative Designer in 2013. How did you feel?

“I felt ecstatic after the news broke out. I had worked really hard on  the design and my hard work paid off. Especially because it was famous jewelry designer Gaurav Gupta who was the judge.”

Her Award Winning Design

¤ Who are your biggest support system?

“My parents are my biggest support system. They have believed in me .Today I am a successful jewelry designer because of them.”

¤ Who is your role model? Who would you love to work with?

“Inspirations are all around. I get inspired with small – small changes and things around me, be it nature , people or my daily routine.

I would love to work with Farah Ali Khan ( jewelry designer) and Poonam Soni ( jewelry designer). On an international level I am keen to work with Piaget and Mitumoko.”




¤ What are your future plans?

“I intend to continue my current endeavors and find more markets in other countries. Currently I am trading in India and Dubai.I wish this haul to extend elsewhere too.”

¤Any message that you would like to give the younger generations on how to accomplish their dreams?

“I would just like to say that whosoever is at a crossroad now must try something different,  spicy and something in which they believe.

I took the road less traveled by and look where it got me.”

Some of Simran Chhabra’s Jewelry designs can be found below:

Shots of celebrities from Bollywood and the Indian TV Serial family wearing her jewelry, including the likes of Alia Bhat, Soha Ali Khan, Reshmi Desai and many others –


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Written by Nikita Maheshwari for An Inception

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